Leadership Principles That Inspire Transformation

Being a Leader can be Difficult. Let me give you the tools and resources you need to be the L.I.M.E.LIGHT leader you’ve always wanted to be…because if students matter, you matter.

Keynote and Workshop Topics:

From Class Clown to Principal (For Students)

Are your students struggling to overcome hurdles?  Do you think they need some extra inspiring from someone who was once in the same boat?  Want your students to be inspired to change their thinking so that they can become whatever they desire?  This is the right presentation.  In this presentation, Dr. Brazzle will educate and inspire your students to change their thinking in order to become the great person that is inside of them.

Preparation to Elevation

Are you struggling with meeting deadlines?  Do you feel as though there are not enough hours in a day?  In this presentation, you will learn how the proper planning tools will not only save you time but will also clearly define productivity as you have never known before.  You will eliminate bad habits, destroy procrastination and reverse many negative conditions used in the workplace.  Follow this blueprint and build success on a strong foundation after this life changing presentation.

How to go Beyond Your Dreams

Are you satisfied with your current position?  Or do you want to grow and improve?  This presentation for those who have a dream but want more.  This presentation will help you learn how having the right mindset is just as important as having a growth mindset.  You will also learn how to improve key performance indications so that you leadership will soar to new heights.

How to have an Advantage in Adversity

Are you lacking self-discipline?  Have you fallen into the trap of procrastination?  This detailed oriented presentation is exactly what you need.  In this presentation, you will learn how to embrace the unknown and push forward in the midst of some of life’s most difficult storms.  This presentation will help you attack your goals with an authoritative presence like never before and demolish any barrier holding you back both personally and professionally.

Being Influential: A No Excuses Plan

Do you want to boost your impact?  Do you want to expand the power of your communication with authority?  Then this is the no excuses presentation that you need.  In this presentation, you will learn the tools and techniques on how to be a confident transformational trailblazer in the workplace.  You will also learn how to increase the attractive force of opportunities, build stronger relationships, and become a magnetic juggernaut of productivity.

Culture Shock

What type of culture does your organization have?  What do your employees think about the culture?  Is it possible that you have a toxic culture and did not know?  In this presentation, you will learn how to discover your culture and what steps to take to improve the culture.  You will also learn why having a good culture is not a good thing.  You will experience a culture shock.

Outlier Leadership (For All Leaders including Students)

Have you ever looked up to someone?  Has anyone ever looked up to you?  Are you the type of leader that others aspire to be?  In this presentation, Dr. Brazzle discusses the 5 No Excuses Habits of Outlier Leaders.  You will be pointed in the right direction with a strong foundation to become an outlier leader.  You will also uncover your full leadership potential with this presentation.

Don't have the Jay-Z mindset of "Mama, I made it" (Preferably HS and College Seniors)

In this exciting presentation, senior students will learn what to do next now that they have all of this knowledge. They will understand that what happens next really depends on the move they make.

How to Always end up on Top (Preferably HS and College Freshman)

In this inspiring presentation, freshman students will learn what it takes to be successful over the next few years so that no matter what obstacles they face, they will always end up on top.

Growth Coaching (1/2 day Professional Development)

In this inspiring professional development session, you and your Leadership team will learn a 4-step process which will help you and your team develop the mental skill set to consistently be the best, reach your goals and be successful in everything you do.

Outlier Leadership Workshop Session

Interactive Leadership Breakout Q&A